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김  정  훈 (Ph.D)

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Ph.D thesis : “Semiconductor FAB OHT track analysis using queueing network model

정  승  민 (Ph.D)

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Ph.D thesis : “Optimal Design of dynamic Wireless Charging Electric Bus System”

성  신  웅 (Ph.D)

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Ph.D thesis : “Optimization of Inventory Distribution in Fashion Retail Supply Chain”

심  현  준 (M.S)

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M.S thesis : “Inventory Distribution Considering Image-based Fashion Product Variety”


최  학  영 (M.S)

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M.S thesis : “System optimization on AMHS track zone design considering the characteristics of contectless power supply (CPS)”

백  현  석 (M.S)

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M.S thesis : “Decision making for initial shipment ratio on fashion products“

Meixiang Jin (M.S)

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M.S thesis : “Q(λ) learning based route guidance of overhead hoist transport vehicle in automated material handling system “

조  경  민 (M.S)

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M.S thesis : ”Economic analysis for active battery balancing”



여  재  룡 (M.S)

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M.S thesis : “Stochastic Energy Transfer Model for Wireless Charging Electric Vehicle and Experimental Validation”



오  선  경 (M.S)

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M.S thesis : “Taxi Dispatching Algorithm to Reduce Customer Waiting Time : A Case Study at Seoul Taxi Service for the Disabled”

이  주  영 (M.S)

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M.S thesis : “Heuristic Approach for PrePack Optimization of Product Distribution”



김  대  영 (M.S)

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M.S thesis : “Wireless Electric Vehicle(WEV) System Design using Simulation : Validation and Practical Design Methodology”

조  현  주 (M.S)

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M.S thesis : “Systematic Investment Planning for the On-Line Electric Vehicle”



유  광  재 (M.S)

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M.S thesis : “Analytical Method for the Layout Design of a Semiconductor FAB to Maximize its Operational Efficiency”