OLEV System Design and Driving Automation

OLEV System Design and Driving Automation Team
OLEV System Design and Driving Automation Team

Research on OLEV system Design

OLEV Power Dynamics

  • Understanding of the physical/electric system of dynamic wireless charging electric vehicle (DWC-EV)

  • Understanding of the system architecture and the technology for wireless power transfer system 

  • Analysis of real operation data collected from OLEV vehicles in Gumi and KAIST campus 

OLEV System Design

  • System optimization considering  the allocation of wireless power tracks and the battery capacity 

  • Mathematical modeling and analysis for economic design 

  • Multiple-route OLEV system design and economic analysis for the application in real transportation system

Research on driving automation

Driving Automation System

  • Machine Learning based Analysis for autonomous Driving Vehicle (SAE Level 2, 3)  

  • Analyzing the driving pattern of autonomous vehicle drivers and predicting the driving status

Smart Transportation System

  • Development of decision making system of drivers for stable and efficient OLEV operations   

  • Optimal strategy for routing and operation based on external traffic information and the location of charging infrastructures

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